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Don't just see Key West, explore it!

Hidden Florida Keys and Everglades

Join Lloyd Mager for a more indigenous excursion. Lloyd is an environmentalist who hasn’t owned a car in 30 years. The casual, stress-free 2 hour ride meanders down hidden side streets, visits little known oddities (including several local people) and explores the islands luxurious foliage. A passionate guide, Mager started his tours because he couldn’t stand that someone would leave here “never smelling a gardenia, or tasting a mango, or feeling the thrill of Key West by bike.”

Open Road’s Best of the Florida Keys

Lloyd’s Original Tropical bike Tour, is the most talked about tour in Key West. Lloyd leads guided bike tours through the scenic back streets. He specializes in keeping kids fascinated, he makes several stops to sample fresh fruit picked from trees along the route.

Fodor’s inFocus

Lloyd’s Original Tropical bike Tour, led by a 30-year Key West veteran, explores the natural, noncommercial side of Key West at a leisurely pace, stopping on backstreets and in backyards of private homes to sample native fruits and view indigenous plants and trees; at City Cemetery; and at the Medicine Garden, a private meditation garden. The behind-the-scenes tour runs two hours and cost $35, including bike rental.

June Keith’s Postcards from Paradise

Don’t just see Key West. Smell it and taste it too. That’s what you do on Lloyd Mager’s bike tour. A must for nature lovers hearty enough to spend two hours outdoors. Sample native fruits, view local flora and fauna, and meet a true Conch or two on this off-the-beaten path to back lanes and alleys rarely visitd by anyone other than true locals. Why do we love this place? You’ll know better after your environmentalist and long-time island resident tour guide shows you around. Immensely enjoyable. Very popular. Maybe too popular.

Schedules vary. Stop by the Moped Hospital on Truman to begin the tour. But, you’ve got to call and find out when the next one departs. “Think of it as an investigative field trip,” says Lloyd.

The Florida Keys – A History & Guide

It’s good to be instructed by someone other than the Conch Train. Lloyd for example, hosts a bike ytour. He takes you through the quieter part of town, he chats with conchs on their porches and invites you to eat peculiar flora as though you were lost in the desert. At one time one of the highlights of his tour was meeting a fellow who’s skill was pulling his bottom lip over his nose, but he might have passed by now. It must have been dangerous work. Lloyd is a it hyper, but his tour is fun.

Bird’s Eye View Magazine

If you are in reasonably good shape and you want to see the “off-the-beaten path” side of Key West, Lloyd Mager is the answer. He is your personal guide to the sights, characters and unique architecture of Key West. In Lloyd’s words, “This is a Gilligan’s Island funky ride that is part show-biz, part informational and educational.” The New York Post described it this way,…”if Seinfeld’s TV neighbor Kramer ever decided to conduct bicycle tours in Key West this would be it…”