Special Needs Info

I’m proud of the fact that I can facilitate people with all kinds of disabilities on my bike tour.

Key West is flat so it’s effortless riding. The route takes place on the streets with the least amount of traffic. There are local fruits to taste and exotic flowers to smell along the way. There is history and beautiful architecture.

After 26 years I have developed countless relationships with the locals that live along my route so there is interaction with my friends during the ride, which gives my guests a feeling of being part of the community. My tour is a sensory-rich experience.

Any vehicle that is not gas powered is welcome. Tricycles, tandems, electric wheel chairs, mobility scooters, and pedi-cabs are all ok to take the tour. If you are someone with special needs, you can contact me directly at 305-304-4700. Hope to hear from you soon!


Take a ride with Lloyd and find out why you really came to Key West!